Ozone applications

Ozone has many applications, disinfection with ozone has been getting really popular lately (in part thanks to Covid19). However, ozone is also used to increase the shelf life of fruit and vegetables, or to disinfect the inside of bottles before they are filled for example. Ozone can be used for nearly all disinfectant purposes and it offers a lot of advantages compared to other disinfecting methods like chlorine, for example:

  • Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer
  • Ozone leaves no harmful residue
  • Ozone is environmental friendly
  • Ozone has a germ killing effect that’s 3000x stronger than that of chlorine
  • Ozone works way faster than chlorine
  • No storage of chemicals is needed
  • Low operational costs
  • Ozone leaves no taste or smell
  • Viruses and bacteria can’t become resistant against ozone

A couple of applications of ozone are listed below, you can click on the case for a more extensive description.