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Ozone system by Tol Watertechniek provides clearer water at Ouwehands polar bears

Brighter water in the polar bears basin of Ouwehands Dierenpark, that is just one of the applications of our ozone systems. Some other applications for which the ozone systems of Tol Watertechniek are regularly used are:

  • Cleaning drinking water
  • Cleaning pool water
  • Decolourisation of ponds
  • Disinfection of fruit and vegetables to extend the shelf life
  • Washing bottles, crates and casks
  • Improving the quality of flower bulbs
And maybe at your project as well?
Tol Watertechniek is the go-to specialist in ozone and the use of ozone for the treatment of (waste) water. Especially in many demanding applications, our knowledge allows us to apply ozone in difficult situations like no other. For example, we have implemented solutions for large chemical groups, a car manufacturer, breweries, zoos, aquaculture, ponds, swimming pools, space travel, etc.

Projects we are proud of

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