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Tol Watertechniek has extensive experience in the application of ozone. We use ozone in various sectors, including:

We offer ozone equipment for:

Tol Watertechniek not only builds ozone equipment and ozone systems. Maintenance, repair and overhaul of ozone equipment is also part of our activities. This applies to our own equipment as well as equipment from third parties.


Tol Watertechniek is the specialist in ozone for the treatment of (waste) water. We are particularly
strong in high-demanding/difficult applications of ozone. In these types of projects, a pilot installation
is often first installed to treat a small partial flow. As soon as it functions properly, it can be scaled up.
In some cases, the client first carries out tests himself. We rent a range of ozone equipment for this
Our customers include; bottling plants, breweries, zoos, aquaculture, the agricultural sector, fruit
sorting companies and even a car manufacturer and a space organization.

Ozone system for the pharmaceutical industry

Ozone system for the pharmaceutical industry

An ozone system for the pharmaceutical industry is a refreshing change of pace. This system is a turn-key ozone system, which means it operates fully automatic. The only thing it needs is ...
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Ozone system for air treatment

Ozone system for air treatment

In need of an ozone system for air treatment? You’ve come to the right place at Tol Watertechniek. The goal in this project was to disinfect air using ozone. To achieve this, ...
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Ozone for Ouwehands Dierenpark

Ozone for Ouwehands Dierenpark

Ozone for Ouwehands Dierenpark (a zoo) gives the polar bears crystal clear water. We delivered and installed an ozone system for the polar bear pool in Ouwehands Dierenpark. The polar bear pool ...
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Ozone-bottling facility

Ozone system for a bottling facility

Tol Watertechniek delivered and installed an ozone system for a bottling facility last month. We installed an ozone generator with a control unit.
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Skimmers Ecomare

Two AS400 skimmers with flush computer for Ecomare

Tol Watertechniek / The Ozone specialist delivered two AS400 skimmers to Ecomare on the island of Texel. These are skimmers with an automatic flush system. In the marine aquarium, the visitors of ...
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Modification of a filter system in a museum about the North Sea

Something else entirely, the modification of a filter system in a museum about the North Sea. Tol Watertechniek mostly focuses on building ozone systems so it was nice to work on another ...
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Air treatment inside

Air treatment with ozone in the packaging industry

An ozone system for air treatment and not water treatment this time. The final destination lies in the packaging industry. This is a complete ozone system built in an RVS cabinet. The ...
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Ozone system to treat water

Ozone system to treat water used to sort fruit

This ozone system for water treatment is used to sort fruit. Previously, large amounts of water were used to keep the germ count and pollution at an acceptable level. A filter system ...
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Ozonsystem bulb hatchery

Ozone System for bulb hatchery

Tol Watertechniek also builds ozone systems for bulb hatcheries. A few months ago, we were able to supply an ozone system for a tulip bulb hatchery. This system is used to remove ...
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Ozonsystem food industry

Ozone for ozonated water used in the food industry

The ozone system shown below is an ozone system for the production of ozonised water that is used in the food industry. This system was built for our Italian partner: Kirkmayer. This ...
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About Tol Watertechniek

Tol Watertechniek was founded in 2007. The company’s founder (Bas van Tol) has been active in
water treatment with ozone since 1998. The first years mainly from a koi hobby. Tol Watertechniek is
now active in almost all water treatment sectors.
Not only do we develop and build ozone generators and complete ozone systems, we also service and repair third-party equipment. In addition, testing with ozone on (waste) water is becoming an
increasingly important part of the work. This is partly due to the increasingly complex matrix of
substances found in water. Please also take a look at the ozone information page for further
Due to the wide application of ozone, most systems are built to the customer’s wishes. This philosophy
is one of the reasons for the continuous growth of the company and the development of very high-
quality products. To learn more about our special achievements, please feel free to contact us.

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