Custom-made ozone

Besides many standard ozone related products, Tol Watertechniek also builds various custom-made products. In most cases, we can modify a standard product until it meets the wishes of the customer. However, we can also develop a completely new product for you. Below you’ll find a couple examples of custom-made ozone products.


Various modified redox controllers:

From left to right links: controller with expansion box (more power), redox controller with double wcd and a redox controller without wcd.

redox controller with expansion
redox controller double
redox controller

Various modified ozone reactors:

From left to right: lowered HD400 ozone reactor with small connections, HD200 with smaller flanges due to lack of space, and a lowered HD250.

Ozone reactor with special lid
Ozone reactor, lower model

Various custom-made ozone injection units:

From left to right: double ozone injection unit and a single injection unit.

Ozone injector