Combi filter (drum filter and biological filter)

Purusaqua builds combifilters based on the succesful drum filters we developed. A combifilter is a mix of a drum filter and a biological filter, which results in a very compact yet high-capacity filter.

The biological part in a combifilter often consists of a moving bed. A moving bed filter consists of a carrier material for bacteria that is kept in motion by air. It’s also possible to fill the biological cpmartment with filter mats for example.

Thanks to their very high biological capacity, these combifilters are very suitable for very demanding applications such as of fish farms, zoos and heavily populated ponds.

Purusaqua combifilters come standard with extensive controls, flush pump and lid. Our combifilters are unique in performance and quality, which is also the reason why they are used in many countries.

A couple advantages of our filters:

  • Casing fully made out of 12mm thick polypropylene (PP)
  • Built very robustly, the most heavily loaded weld seam has been welded with an extruder&nbsp
  • Compactly built
  • Very high volume for the biological filter
  • Available for maximum water flows ranging from 25m³/hr up to 250m³/hr
  • Gear-driven, no axle connections under water that can start to leak
  • 24VDC propulsion (also suitable for swimming ponds) (25, 50 and 100m³/hr model)
  • It’s possible to install a UVC lamp
  • Measuring of the water level through pressure
  • There are no floats that can get stuck
  • Purge levels can be set per mm
  • Low water alarm can be set per mm (deactivates the circulation pump and optionally the UVC when the water level gets too low)
  • Rotation speed of the drum can be infinitely adjustable
  • Flush time infinitely adjustable
  • Overflow protection can be set, deactivates the propulsion engine when the load is too big
  • Controls automatically shut down the (optional) UV when the lid is opened
  • Flush process is blocked when the lid is opened, this prevents risk of entrapment!
  • Equipped with an alarm output
  • Controls keep track of the intervals between the last 3 flushes
  • PLEASE NOTE, read our article about drum filters before selecting a combifilter!

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