Combi filter (drum filter and biological filter)

Purusaqua builds combifilters based on the succesful drum filters we developed. A combifilter is a mix of a drum filter and a biological filter, which results in a very compact yet high-capacity filter.

The biological part in a combifilter often consists of a moving bed. A moving bed filter consists of a carrier material for bacteria that is kept in motion by air. It’s also possible to fill the biological cpmartment with filter mats for example.

Thanks to their very high biological capacity, these combifilters are very suitable for very demanding applications such as of fish farms, zoos and heavily populated ponds.

Purusaqua combifilters come standard with extensive controls, flush pump and lid. Our combifilters are unique in performance and quality, which is also the reason why they are used in many countries.

A couple advantages of our filters:

  • Casing fully made out of 12mm thick polypropylene (PP)
  • Built very robustly, the most heavily loaded weld seam has been welded with an extruder&nbsp
  • Compactly built
  • Very high volume for the biological filter
  • Available for maximum water flows ranging from 25m³/hr up to 250m³/hr
  • Gear-driven, no axle connections under water that can start to leak
  • 24VDC propulsion (also suitable for swimming ponds) (25, 50 and 100m³/hr model)
  • It’s possible to install a UVC lamp
  • Measuring of the water level through pressure
  • There are no floats that can get stuck
  • Purge levels can be set per mm
  • Low water alarm can be set per mm (deactivates the circulation pump and optionally the UVC when the water level gets too low)
  • Rotation speed of the drum can be infinitely adjustable
  • Flush time infinitely adjustable
  • Overflow protection can be set, deactivates the propulsion engine when the load is too big
  • Controls automatically shut down the (optional) UV when the lid is opened
  • Flush process is blocked when the lid is opened, this prevents risk of entrapment!
  • Equipped with an alarm output
  • Controls keep track of the intervals between the last 3 flushes

PLEASE NOTE, read our article about drum filters before selecting a combifilter!

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Combi filter

A combi filter is an innovative filtration system in aquatic filtration, offering a multifaceted approach to water purification. This comprehensive system combines two essential filtration mechanisms; mechanical and biological filtration. A compact solution for optimal water quality in diverse aquatic environments. In order to enhance it’s performance UVC and/or ozone can be included.

Mechanical Filtration: A drum filter efficiently removes physical debris from the water. This is achieved through the use of fine mesh filter cloth that traps particles such as leaves, twigs, uneaten fish food and algae. The debris is automatically removed from the water stream during a rinse cycle. During a rinse cycle the normal operation of the filter is not interrupted! The result is a visibly cleaner and clearer aquatic environment.

Biological Filtration: The biological filtration aspect of the Combi Filter involves the cultivation of beneficial bacteria that break down harmful substances, such as ammonia and nitrites, into less toxic compounds. This promotes a balanced and healthy ecosystem by ensuring that the water remains conducive to the well-being of aquatic life.

Moving bed media is often used a bio-carrier. But filter mats like Japanese mats or matala mats can be sued as well. It is even possible to use a combination of a moving bed filter and mat filtration.

Combi Drum Filter

Taking filtration technology to new heights, the Combi Drum Filter represents a specialized advancement in mechanical filtration. This precision-engineered system introduces a drum mechanism that enhances the removal of larger particles and debris from the water, ensuring an even higher level of water clarity.

Combi Drum Filter for Koi Pond

Koi ponds pose specific challenges in terms of filtration due to the unique waste produced by these ornamental fish. The Combi Drum Filter for Koi Pond is specifically engineered to address these challenges, offering a tailored solution for enthusiasts who seek to create an optimal environment for their prized Koi.

Targeted Waste Removal: In a Koi pond, waste such as uneaten food and fish excrement can accumulate rapidly. The Combi Drum Filter for Koi Pond employs specialized mechanisms to target and remove this specific type of waste, preventing water contamination and maintaining the clarity essential for showcasing the vibrant colors of Koi.

Enhanced Mechanical Filtration for Koi-Specific Needs: This variant of the Combi Drum Filter is designed with the understanding that Koi ponds require heightened mechanical filtration. The filter's capabilities align with the particular demands of Koi enthusiasts, providing an effective solution for keeping their ponds pristine and their Koi healthy.

Swimming Pond Filter

For those who enjoy the recreational pleasures of swimming ponds, the Swimming Pond Filter offers a tailored filtration solution that ensures a safe and enjoyable aquatic experience. This specialized variant of the Combi Filter addresses the unique challenges associated with maintaining water quality in swimming environments.

Pristine Water for Recreational Enjoyment: The primary goal of the Swimming Pond Filter is to maintain water clarity and quality, creating an environment that is not only visually appealing but also safe for swimming. The filter effectively removes impurities and contaminants, allowing enthusiasts to relish the beauty of a clear and inviting swimming pond.

Optimized Filtration for Recreational Water Bodies: Understanding the distinct requirements of swimming ponds, this variant of the Combi Filter is optimized to handle the challenges posed by human interaction with the water. Whether it's removing sunscreen residues, organic matter, or other substances, the Swimming Pond Filter excels in providing a clean and hygienic swimming environment.

In order to improve the water quality even more, UVC and ozone can be added. This will result in crystal clear water without the need to add chemicals.


What are the key advantages of using a Combi Filter in my aquatic setup?

  • The Combi Filter combines mechanical and biological filtration, ensuring a comprehensive approach to water purification.
  • It effectively removes debris, waste, and impurities, promoting a healthy and balanced aquatic environment.
  • The filter's versatility makes it suitable for various aquatic settings, from general ponds to specialized Koi ponds and swimming ponds.

How does the Swimming Pond Filter cater to the distinct requirements of recreational water bodies, and what benefits does it offer for swimming pond enthusiasts?

  • The Swimming Pond Filter is designed to maintain water clarity and quality in recreational water bodies.
  • It effectively removes impurities, contaminants, and substances associated with human interaction, providing a clean and safe swimming environment.
  • The filter's optimized design takes into account the unique challenges posed by swimming ponds, offering a reliable solution for enthusiasts seeking a hygienic and enjoyable swimming experience.