Ozone reactors

Ozone reactors are an indispensable part of an ozone installation. This is where the most important thing happens, mixing the ozone into the water.

All transparent reactors are made with an acrylic cylinder. The flanges are welded, which makes this a very solid construction. When requested the AS and HD version are also available to a maximum diameter of 800mm!

The AS ozone reactor is an ozone resistant skimmer made from a transparent cylinder. The plus side of a skimmer is that it already removes a part of the chemicals that were broken down by the ozone.

The HD ozone reactor can be placed under and above water level. Because of the special way it was constructed it has a very high yield.
The contact time in this type of ozone reactor is lower than with an AS reactor. But by reusing the surplus ozone this one is more efficient. Thanks to the special way it is constructed this one can also handle varying flow rates!
Tol Watertechniek has developed the HD ozone.

Stainless steel ozone reactors/tanks are very suitable for industrial applications. The stainless-steel tanks are used by us in combination with a venturi and optionally a static mixer.

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Ozone reactors play a pivotal role in the field of water treatment, offering a highly effective
method for disinfection and purification. These reactors harness the power of ozone, a potent
oxidizing agent, to eliminate contaminants and impurities present in water, ensuring a high
standard of water quality.

Ozone Reactors for Ponds

In pond ecosystems, maintaining water quality is essential for sustaining aquatic life and
preventing the proliferation of harmful pathogens. Ozone reactors designed for ponds utilize
ozone to target and neutralize organic matter, bacteria and colour. The controlled release of
ozone ensures that water quality is enhanced without compromising the delicate balance of
the pond's ecosystem. This application proves particularly beneficial in ornamental ponds,
aquaculture facilities, and recreational water bodies, where clarity and purity are paramount.

Industrial Ozone Reactors

In industrial settings where water treatment demands scale and efficiency, industrial ozone
reactors need to be designed according to the specific application. These reactors are designed
to handle large volumes of water, addressing the diverse and challenging contaminants often
found in industrial processes. Whether it's the removal of organic pollutants, disinfection of
process water, or the treatment of wastewater.