Specialty ozone

Since Tol Watertechniek was founded, the specialty has been ozone techniques and the use of ozone to treat (waste) water and air. Of course we can deliver standard ozone equipment, part of it can be found in our web shop. However, our specialty is specialistic ozone equipment and very demanding applications. A selection from our assortment:

Ozone generators with air as supply gas

  • Air-cooled ozone generators up to 10 Gr/hr
  • Water cooled ozone generators up to 200 Gr/hr

Ozone generators with oxygen as supply gas

  • Air-cooled ozone generators up to 30 Gr/hr
  • Water cooled ozone generators up to 800 Gr/hr

Special ozone generators

  • Ozone generators with double-glazing ozone cells for ultra clean ozone gas (for the medical and semiconductor industry)
  • Ozone generators with very high ozone concentrations (up to 16% weight)
  • Very economical ozone generators starting from 7kW per kg ozone
  • Ozone generators with built-in air dryers and/or oxygen supply

Ozone reactors

  • Skimmers (power and gravity) up to 800mm in diameter
  • HD highly efficient ozone reactors up to 800mm in diameter
  • Stainless steel ozone reactors

Complete ozone systems

  • Complete ozone installations / ozone systems up to 800 gr/hr
  • Complete dissolved ozone systems

Related products for ozone systems

  • Air dryers (membrane and adsorption)
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Redox measuring equipment
  • Dissolved ozone meters
  • Surplus ozone destroyers
  • Ozone analysers
  • Ozone space detection
  • Etc.


  • Conducting capacity measurements of ozone generators and ozone reactors
  • Maintenance, revision and repairs to ozone equipment and ozone systems (almost all brands)
  • Rental of ozone equipment
  • Advice on ozone
  • Design of ozone systems