Ozone as biocide for disinfection

Disinfection with ozone

Dear relation,

Through this way we would like to inform you about the legislation on ozone and the role that Tol Watertechniek plays in this matter. The use of ozone as a disinfectant is subject to the biocidal legislation since 1-9-2013 (EU) 528/2012 (BPR). This means that ozone equipment meant for disinfection eventually has to be certified.

Tol Watertechniek has connected itself to a consortium that occupies itself with the certification of ozone equipment.

The certification trajectory consists of two steps:

The submission of an active substance dossier.

The active substance dossier for ozone contains information on the effectiveness, safety, chemical properties, etc.

This dossier has already been submitted.

The submission of a product dossier

A product dossier contains information on the construction of ozone equipment and the construction of an ozone system for a specific application. This dossier can only be submitted once the active substance dossier has been approved.

To be able to draw up a product dossier and have it approved, you need access to an active substance dossier. Without access to the active substance dossier, it’s not possible for a manufacturer to certify ozone equipment.

Access to this dossier can be gained by a so-called Letter of Access (LoA) or by submitting an active substance file yourself.

Tol Watertechniek is co-owner of an active substance dossier. This means we have access to this file and can submit a product dossier to certify our products.

EuOTA certifcate EN


The certification trajectory is still going on as we speak. The active substance dossier was submitted in September of 2017 and the CtgB has started approving dossiers in June 2020. The CtgB has 18 months to finish the assessment. After that, the manufacturers have 20 moths to submit a product dossier. From then on, equipment that hasn’t been certified can no longer be used. This applies retroactively, existing systems have to be certified too! PLEASE NOTE, this also applies to air cleaners that disinfect air using ozone.

Definition of disinfection

The exact definition of disinfection is unclear for now. For some applications, disinfection means fully killing the bacteria, fungi, etc. other applications mean keeping the bacterial pressure on the same level when they say disinfection. What applications fall under the biocidal legislation is therefore still unclear. However, when someone claims that they’re disinfecting with ozone, the system has to be certified, no matter the application. Other applications like keeping germs at bay in storage areas, disinfecting pool water and disinfecting (drinking) water will definitely fall under the legislation. It’s still unsure whether applications in the aquaculture like lowering the germ pressure in fish farms,                                                                zoos and farms falls under the legislation as well.

Tol Watertechniek is working hard to get our systems certified so they can be used for every application. If you’re currently using ozone equipment or are considering to, please be sure to inform yourself on the subject beforehand!

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact undersigned.

With kind regards,

Bas van Tol

Tol Watertechniek