Measuring and control equipment for ozone

We supply a range of measuring and control equipment for ozone, such as:

  • Ozone environmental measurement
  • Dissolved ozone measurement
  • Ozone analysers to measure high concentration ozone
  • Redox measurement

We can also supply measurement and control equipment to electronically measure water quality in ponds, zoos, fish farms, pools, etc.

The website only provides an indication of all the available equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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When using ozone, it is critical to measure ozone levels. This article describes three key measurement
principles/equipment: Redox Controllers, Ozone Measuring Devices, and Ozone Analyzers.

Redox Controller

A Redox Controller, short for reduction-oxidation controller, is an essential component in ozone control
systems for water treatment. It operates on the principle of maintaining a balance between reducing
and oxidizing agents in a given environment, thereby regulating ozone levels. Redox reactions involve
the transfer of electrons between chemical species, and the Redox Controller ensures that this
transfer occurs at an optimal rate to prevent the excessive dosing of ozone.
The Redox Controller achieves this by continuously monitoring the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)
of water. As ozone is a potent oxidizing agent, the Redox Controller adjusts the dosage of ozone
accordingly, ensuring that the environment remains within acceptable limits. This dynamic regulation is
crucial in applications such as wastewater treatment, swimming pool disinfection and ponds, where
maintaining ozone levels is paramount for both efficiency and safety.

Ozone Measuring Device

Ozone Measuring Devices are designed to provide accurate and real-time measurements of ozone
concentrations in the air. These devices employ various sensing technologies, including ultraviolet
(UV) absorption (ozone analyzers), electrochemical sensors, and gas-sensitive semiconductor
sensors. The choice of technology depends on the specific application and the required level of
Electrochemical sensors rely on the electrochemical reaction between ozone and a sensing electrode
to generate a measurable signal. These devices are used a safety guards for ozone systems. But they
also are used for accurate ozone dosing in air treatment applications.

Ozone Analyzer

An ozone analyzer takes accuracy in ozone measurements to the next level. These instruments are
UV absorption-based ozone measuring devices. They utilize the fact that ozone absorbs UV light at
specific wavelengths. The extent of absorption is directly proportional to the ozone concentration,
allowing for precise measurements.
Ozone Analyzers find applications in ambient air quality monitoring, industrial emissions control, and
research laboratories.