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Ozone generators

In this category you will find our ozone generators to about 7 grams of ozone per hour. Of course larger generators can also be supplied. Purusaqua ozone generators are energy efficient, with an adjustable ozone output and built into a stainless steel cabinet.
Besides Purusaqua ozone generators, we also supply products of Triogen.

Triogen has years of experience in ozone systems from small to large units. Most Triogen products are designed for use on pools of hotels and the like. The smaller generators are ideal for your private pool.

An ozone generator is also called a ozonisator, ozonator or ozonator. These are different names for exactly the same device.

Note that for a long lifetime of ozone generators, it is important that the supply air is dry, we therefore always advise to use an air dryer!

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