HiCon ozone generator 500 gram per hour

HiCon ozone generator 500 grams per hour at 10% weight. The HiCon is a water-cooled ozone generator with low energy consumption and extensive controls


HiCon ozone generator 500 grams per hour at 10% weight. This is a water-cooled ozone generator with a low energy consumption. This ozone generator is equipped with very extensive controls. The controls measure the gas flow, gas pressure, temperature, etc. These parameters are displayed on a touchscreen and their history is documented in a graph. And on top of all that, these ozone generators are remotely accessible with a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Besides that, this ozone generator is built in a way it also controls peripheral devices such as the oxygen generator, injection pump, cooling machine, etc. This ensures reliable performance and proper start-up sequence. Everything is integrated in the ozone reactor, so you aren’t just buying an ozone generator but also complete controls for your whole ozone system.

The HiCon ozone generator is built with the most modern ozone cell and main power source. This ensures a high ozone concentration, low energy consumption, reliable operation and unique power control as well. The ozone production of the HiCon generators is virtually linear, most generators are regulating more or less logarithmic!
A couple of the HiCon ozone generators features:

  • Ozone production of 500 grams per hour at 10% weight
  • Required gas flow 58l/Min
  • Ozone concentration 7% up to 14% weight
  • Low energy consumption and very high efficiency
  • Fully integrated controls in the ozone generator
  • Extensive controls with touchscreen
  • Electronic mass flow controller to measure and control the gas flow through the ozone generator
  • Pressure and temperature measurements
  • Remote access via computer, phone and tablet
  • Ozone yield adjustable between 10 and 100% (linear adjustable)
  • Modbus communication optionally
  • Optionally available in stainless steel casing

These generators are very suitable for difficult applications where high ozone concentrations are needed.

HiCon ozongenerator

HiCon ozone generator

HiCon ozongenerator

HiCon ozone generator

Ozon systeem voedselindustrie

Ozone system food industry

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Weight 120 kg