Something else entirely, the modification of a filter system in a museum about the North Sea. Tol Watertechniek mostly focuses on building ozone systems so it was nice to work on another type of project for a change. In this case a filter system including a skimmer. This system is used on a couple aquariums with a total volume of 50m3. The project has been realised in a museum where the aquariums and filters are in an old WW2 bunker.

We removed the old system and installed the new one. The system had to be compact because of the limited space available but still had to be able to process a large amount of food. The small passageways made the instalment even harder but, in the end, we managed to get everything into place.

The system consists of:

  • 2x biological filter
  • 1x skimmer AS400
  • 1x flush computer to automatically clean the foam cup
  • 1x feed pump for the waste water

About 10m³ per hour goes through the system in total. When the system is fully up to speed it is capable of processing about 1kg of food per day. And all of this in a space of ~170cm wide and 2,5 m long. Below a before and after.

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