Tol Watertechniek introduces a new series of industrial ozone generators. The Compact Series is, as the name suggests, very compact. Despite its small size the prestations of this ozone generator can definitely be called impressive. The biggest air-cooled ozone generator from the Compact Series more than 27 gr/hr out of 4,4 Nl/min of oxygen! The Compact Series is also available as a water-cooled version, the ozone yield of the biggest generator is 40 gr/hr out of 6,5 Nl/min! The water-cooled models can reach gas concentrations of 15%wt/wt and higher.

The Compact Series of ozone generators uses high-quality materials, the ozone cell is made of RVS for example. No aluminium is used in the ozone cell! This makes sure the ozone generators are very reliable and easy to maintain. For more information about ozone, the applications and technical information: Informatie ozon

Ozongenerator Compact OW

Compact water-cooled ozone generator

Compact ozone generator air-cooled

compact air-cooled ozone generator