Tol Watertechniek / The Ozone specialist delivered two AS400 skimmers to Ecomare on the island of Texel. These are skimmers with an automatic flush system.

In the marine aquarium, the visitors of Ecomare discover what lives in the Wadden- and North Sea. The visitors experience what it is like to descend below sea level. The sea aquariums are 6 meters beneath the surface and each aquarium represents a habitat. A dike, a harbour, the coastline and the Wadden Sea were recreated. The biggest one is the North Sea aquarium: a cylindrical aquarium of almost 5 metres high with a diameter of more than 4 meters.
Besides the big aquariums, there are also a couple smaller ones which showcase the smallest animals to make sure they are also visible. Think of special kinds of anemones, young lesser spotted dogfish, and small crabs and sea stars.
Feeding the fish happens on fixed times. While feeding the fish, the caretakers tell the visitor everything about the sea creatures. Different exposition elements about life in and around the sea are connected to the aquariums.

For more information about ozone, the applications and technical information: Informatie ozon