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In need of an ozone system for air treatment? You’ve come to the right place at Tol Watertechniek.

The goal in this project was to disinfect air using ozone. To achieve this, two ozone dosing systems and one central control were used.
This system is fully modular, one control can manage up to 8 ozone dosing systems. The ozone dosing systems function practically on their own.

  • Desired ozone concentration is measured and controlled by the dosing system
  • The dosing system keeps an eye on process parameters like pressures, temperatures, etcetera
  • Internal safety issues like door switches are also monitored by the dosing system.

This system is fully automatic and monitoring and adjusting parameters can be done remotely.

Some key pints of this ozone system for air treatment:

  • Ozone yield: a maximum of 20 gr/hr per dosing unit(production can be altered between ~1,5 and 20 gr/hr)
  • The system is built fully modular
  • Emergency stop is activated as soon as there is a cable break between the dosing system and central control.

For more information about ozone, the applications and technical information: Informatie ozon

Ozon doseerkast

Ozone dosing system

Drying mechanism

Drying mechanism

Central controls

Central controls