Ozone in the aquaculture and fish farming

Ozone has been used in the aquaculture and fish farming for quite some time now. The unique advantages that ozone brings you are hard to achieve using other methods. Amongst its divers functions, it ensures:

  • Higher growth and therefore savings on costs
  • Lower oxygen consumption
  • Clearer water so that any problems can be quickly detected
  • Improved water quality so the risk of disease decreases

However, the effectiveness of ozone for these industries does depend on the arrangement of the ozone system and the ozone dosage. Fish are extremely sensitive to dissolved ozone. Because of our knowledge of ozone and its applications, we are capable of designing an efficient and safe system like no other. A good integration will minimalize the risk of dissolved ozone in the water. A redox system is indispensable for the proper dosing of ozone.

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Ozon aquacultuur

Ozone for the aquaculture and fish farming