Industrial waste water

Industrial waste water is often consists of various (chemical) components. Ozone can contribute to the treatment of this water. Authorities keep imposing stricter requirements on the effluent of water treatment plants. Not just on the concentrations of nitrate and nitrogen, also the amount of chemicals and heavy metals that can be discharged. Especially medicine residue, which poses a growing problem and the awareness for it grows. Ozone is a very effective way of removing medicine residue extensively. Ozone can be used (amongst others) for:

  • Decolourising
  • Removing smells
  • Micro flocculation of waste
  • Lowering TOC
  • Lowering COD/CZV
  • Disinfection
  • Breaking down various chemicals (medicine, pesticides, etc.)
  • Removing heavy metals
  • A pre-treatment is almost always necessary before industrial waste water can be treated. This pre-treatment can consist of mechanical or biological filtration or a combination of techniques. We can also take care of this pre-treatment for you, both mechanical and biological.

    Tol Watertechniek offers the possibility of placing a pilot system to test what the effect of ozone is on the effluent of an rwzi for example. You can read more about pilot installations next page. .

    Please contact us if you have any questions or when you’re wondering about the possibilities!

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    Industrieel afvalwater

    Industrial waste water