Disinfecting air with ozone

Ozone is getting used more and more to disinfect air. The use of ozone for disinfectant purposes has specially increased since COVID19 (Corona virus). Ozone is one of the few products that very effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses. This is why ozone is increasingly used to disinfect:

  • Nursing home
  • Hospitals
  • Vehicles like busses ambulances
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Etc.
Lucht desinfectie met ozon

Disinfecting air with ozone

Tol Watertechniek started using ozone for water treatment, hence the name (watertechniek means water technology). Since we started, we have acquired a huge amount of experience with disinfecting air with ozone as well. We not only build mobile ozone air cleaners but we also custom design them for offices for example. Besides that, Tol Watertechniek is one of the only companies involved in the biocidal legislation. This legislation does noy just apply to water treatment but to air treatment as well!

This is why we make sure that the ozone air cleaners we build have everything they need to be safe. For example, out bigger aur cleaners are equipped with:

  • Built-in ozone measurement (optionally with a log/ registration function)
  • Active ozone destruction. As soon as the ozone treatment is done, the excess ozone is actively removed.
  • Operating is fully stand-alone

Without safety features like these, an ozone air cleaner won’t meet the forthcoming legislation. As soon as the exemption of ozone as biocide lapses (expected in 2023), the only equipment that can be used are certified ones!