Ozone system for the food industry and pharmacy

Custom-built ozone system, perfectly suitable for the food industry and the pharmacy.

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A custom-built ozone system for the food industry and the pharmacy. These sectors have high standards when it comes to the purity of their product. Not just the use of suited materials like stainless-steel and PVDF contribute to this, the special way our ozone systems are built also ensure very pure ozone gas. The pollution of the product is minimal. We build these systems in our workshop and fully test them before they’re delivered. The ozone systems for the food industry and pharmacy have the following specifications:

  • Ozone production for water cooled systems from 100 up to 2000 grams per hour. (a cooling machine can be integrated if there’s no cooling water available)
  • Ozone production or air cooled systems from 15 up to 100 grams per hour (only suitable for ambient temperatures with a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius)
  • Ozone concentration 7 up to 14% weight
  • Low energy consumption and very high efficiency
  • Water volumes up to dozens of m³ per hour are possible
  • Extensive controls with 7″ touchscreen, controls equipped with:
    • Electronic gas flow measurement
    • Pressure and temperature measurement
    • Ozone detection to guard the ozone concentration in the setup room
    • Remote access

These systems are of high quality and are built to be well-organised.

A turn-key ozone system is custom-built, please take into account that delivery time can be up top 6~8 weeks. The picture is just an example, the custom-made systems can look different in real life.

Ozonsysteem voedselindustrie en farmacie

Ozone system for the food industry and the pharmacy

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