Renting an ozon meter/ ozon analyser

You can measure the ozone concentration using an ozone meter. These meters are, for example, used to measure how much ozone an ozone generator produces. These meters are unfortunately very expensive, which is why we rent these meters to accommodate companies that rarely have to use them. The following meter are available:

  • Ozone analyser with a measuring range of 0-50 Gr/Nm³ (with destructor and needle valve)
  • Sniffer with a measuring range of 0-2ppm and 0-5ppm (suitable for leak detection)
  • Ozone analyser with a measuring range of 0-300 Gr/Nm³ (with destructor, without needle valve)

The following accuracy applies to all ozone meters: 0,4% of the measured value + 0,1% of the full range. They are also suitable to measure the ozone concentration in air and oxygen. These are the most accurate meters currently available on the market.

*Please keep in mind that you need more equipment than just an ozone meter to measure the ozone production (and not just the concentration) .

Ozon meter

Ozone meter