Renting a food-safe ozone installation

Besides standard ozone installations, we also rent ozone installations that are suitable to use in the food industry (which means this installation is food safe). This installation is hydronic fully built out of stainless steel and food-safe tubing. Besides that, these installations can reach high ozone concentrations in the aqueous phase; up to roughly 1,5~2 PPM. This ozone installation is equipped with an rpm controlled pump. This ozone installation is highly suitable for use in the food industry, but also the chemical industry. Because of the used materials, this ozone installation can withstand many chemicals.

This ozone installation has the following specifications:

  • Maximum ozone dosage: 55 gr/hr
  • Maximum ozone concentration: 1,5 ~ 2 PPM (aqueous phase) (redox values up to >1000mV are possible)
  • Maximum oxygen flow: 10 l/min
  • Turn-key system equipped with redox controls, ozone leak detection and surplus gas destroyer.
  • Suitable for the food industry and the chemical industry