Tol Watertechniek also builds ozone systems for bulb hatcheries. A few months ago, we were able to supply an ozone system for a tulip bulb hatchery. This system is used to remove phenols and tannins from the water of the hatchery. The total water flow that is treated is approximately 17m³ / hr, at a redox value of 800mV. The desired redox value is of course adjustable. This ozone system is also equipped for the dosing of ozone in storage cells. So, when it’s not used for water treatment, the system can be used to dose ozone in a storage cell. The desired ozone concentration in the cell is also adjustable. The system delivers 180 gr / hr @ ~ 12% wt, the ozone production is continuously controlled based on the redox of the treated water.

The system is equipped with:

  • Drying mechanism for pressurised air
  • Oxygen generators
  • HiCon ozone generator
  • Injection system
  • Controls
  • Ozone leak detection
  • Redox measuring
  • Equipped for the dosing of ozone in storage cells

At the moment, we’re working on the development of an ozone system that can be used for water- and air treatment at the same time. That way, the system can be optimally used! For more information about ozone, the applications and technical information: Informatie ozon

Ozonsysteem bollen broeierij

Ozone system for a bulb hatchery

Ozone system for a bulb hatchery