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Ozone in wet scrubbers

Wet scrubbers are used to remove contaminants and odor out of gas-flows. The operation of a wet scrubber is based on the principle that contaminants and odor are caught by the water inside the wet scrubber.  In some cases a wet scrubber is filled with a bio carrier so that bacteria can grow to remove contaminants such as ammonia. In both wet scrubber types water is sprayed at the top of the scrubber. Most times chemicals are added in none biological scrubbers to enhance its performance.

Nowadays ozone is more often used in wet scrubbers to enhance there performance. In some cases ozone can directly destroy or neutralize the contaminant or odor. Also ozone can be used to keep the inside of the scrubber free from bio fouling and other contaminants.

The ozone is injected in the water supply line of the wet scrubber, our ozone disinfection systems are specially designed for these kind of applications. Especially in wet scrubbers used for the removal of volatile organic carbon (VOC) or odors the usage of ozone is very effective. Ozone oxidizes VOS into CO2 by binding with the carbon atoms.               

The usage of ozone in wet scrubbers is relatively new but the perspectives of it are very good. Partly due to the lower cleaning costs and the lower costs of chemicals consumption.