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Ozon batch tests

Ozone batch tests

Ozone tests are meant to see what effect ozone has on your process water. We offer two possibilities to carry out ozone tests so you can see what the effect is on your specific process water.
To carry out an ozone batch test, you’ll have to send us a small amount of water, about 10 litres is often enough. We then carry out ozone tests with different ozone dosages and contact times. Samples are then taken from these test results. We then analyse these samples and see what the ozone did to the amount of chemicals, bacteria, etc. It’s also possible to send the water samples back to the customer so they can analyse the samples themselves. An ozone batch delivers results very quickly, within a couple days you’ll know whether ozone is a suitable option for your application.
Using the results of the samples, the ideal ozone system for the entire water flow can be calculated if you want to. The next step would then be to place a pilot installation to check whether the calculated system also works well in practice. Below, a picture of the results of a batch test.

ozon batch test

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