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About us (Bas van Tol / Tol Watertechniek)

Bas van Tol / Tol Watertechniek

Tol Watertechniek was founded in 2007 by Bas van Tol. The knowledge about ozone goes back to 1998, since that time Bas van Tol was involved in water treatment with ozone. In the beginning he mainly focused on the application of ozone on ponds, aquaria and aquaculture.

Since the establishment of Tol Watertechniek the company has specialized in the use of ozone in general. The majority of the clients are active in the food and beverage industry, agriculture, horticulture, (waste) water treatment and research institutes.

Tol Watertechniek manufactures ozone equipment and associated peripherals, these products are sold under the brand “Purusaqua”. We are also a dealer of some renowned manufacturers of ozone equipment.

Most of the project we are involved in are high demanding applications where ozone is difficult to use. This is our strength, to continue when others give up. Tol Watertechniek is constantly renewing there products and developing new ones. This to be sure that the latest technology is used. As a result we are able to apply ozone effectively in processes were others can’t. All products are thoroughly tested in order to guarantee there quality. This philosophy is the main reason for the continuous growth of the company.

If you want to know more about the use of ozone, or if your application requires a custom made solution, please contact us and we are willing to assist. For more information you also can look at my LinkedIn profile.


Bas van Tol


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