Combifilter Biotro 25m³

Purusaqua combi filter to use in the aquaculture, in fish farms, the industry and (koi) ponds. Suitable for a maximum flow of 25 m³/hr.


Combifilter Biotro 25 to use in, for example, aquaculture, fish farms, the industry and (koi)ponds.
These filters are of extremely high quality. They are fully made of 12 mm thick polypropylene (PP). This filter comes with intelligent controls, lid and flush pump. Filter material isn’t included. These filters are very suitable for heavily populated systems because of the large volume of the bio chamber.

Some technical information on the combifilter biotro 25:

  • Size: 190cm long, 71cm wide and 77 cm high
  • A maximum flow of 25m³/hr at 10mg/l ss and 10 m³/hr at 25 mg/l ss
  • Effective capacity of the bio chamber is 290 litre
  • Maximum food capacity when kaldness is used is 850 grams of food per day (When the food is properly dosed it’s 1400 grams of food per day)
  • Equipped with intelligent controls

The Biotro combifilters are one of the best filters currently available. The big drum has a diameter of 40 cm and is 40 cm long!

PLEASE NOTE, you can read our article on drum filters before purchasing a filter!
*10mg/l solid parts is equivalent to an average pond
**25mg/l solid parts is equivalent to an average fish farm system

Additional information

Weight 100 kg