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Specialisation ozone

Tol Watertechniek has specialized it self in the use and development of ozone equipment and the application on (waste) water treatment with ozone since the founding of the company . The focus is mainly on high quality ozone equipment for demanding applications. We build and deliver the following equipment:

Ozone generators with air as feeding gas

  • Up to 16 Gr/hr (@1,2% weight) air cooled

Ozone generators with oxygen as feeding gas

  • Up to 100 Gr/hr (@5% weight) air cooled (modular systems up to a few kilogram of ozone an hour are possible)
  • Up to 500 Gr/hr (@5% weight) water cooled
  • Special ozone generators

    • With double glass ozone tubes for ultra clean ozone gas (medical and semiconductor industries)
    • Ozone generators capable of producing very high ozone concentration ( up to 16% by weight)
    • Highly energy efficient ozone generator available from  7kW per kg ozone @ 5,25% weight!
    • Ozone generators with build-in air dryers


  • (Protein) Skimmers (power and gravity) up to 800mm in diameter
  • HD high efficient ozone reactors up to 800mm in diameter
  • Complete ozone installations / ozone systems for disinfection purposes (turn-key if needed)
  • Peripherals such as air dryers, ORP controllers, residual ozone destroyers
  • Complete filter installations
  • We can offer you a variety of services as well such as:

    • Capacity measurements on ozone generators and ozone reactors
    • Maintenance, overhauling and repair of ozone equipment
    • Renting of ozone equipment
    • Advice about ozone related equipment and the application of it