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Drum filter(s)

The Purusaqua drum filters are developed for aquaculture and industry. The first Purusaqua drum filters have been on the market since 2007 and have proved their reliability in the meantime. Purusaqua drum filters are supplied as standard with a intelligent control, rinse pump and lid. The entire filter operates on 24VDC and is therefore also suitable for swimming ponds. Here are some unique features of the Purusaqua drum filter:

  • Housing full of 12mm thick polypropylene (PP)
  • Very robust construction, the highest stressed seam is welded with an extruder
  • Compact design • Available with a flow rate of 25m³ / hr to 350m³ / hr
  • Gear driven, no drive shafts / seals below the water level (prone to leak)
  • 24VDC drive (also suitable for swimming ponds) (25, 50 and 100m³ / hr model)
  • Possibility of installing a UVC lamp
  • Measuring of the water level by pressure, no electricity in contact with water. No level floats which are prone to clog and stick
  • Rinse level per mm adjustable
  • Low water alarm per mm adjustable (switches circulation pump and optional UVC off at low water level)
  • Rotational speed of drum adjustable
  • Rinse time adjustable
  • Adjustable over-current protection, turns off drive motor at excessive load
  • Control switches (optional) UV off automatically when lid is opened
  • Rinse process is blocked when lid is opened, avoiding risk of injuries!
  • Control provided with contact that is activated in case of a malfunction (may be connected to an SMS module or management system)
  • Controls logs the interval between the last 3 rinses

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