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Tol Watertechniek build and develops a wide variety of ozone related equipment. Ozone generators, ozone reactors and measuring equipment are just a few examples of our products. When Tol Watertechniek was founded the company solely focussed on water treatment and the use of ozone in water treatment. Purusaqua means healthy water, hence the name Purusaqua for our products. Gradually the company increasingly focuses on ozone and less at water treatment. Nowadays our products are used in all kind of applications next to water treatment. Disinfection of fruit and vegetables and air treatment are a few examples.

All Purusaqua products are designed for ease of use, low operating cost and a low maintenance interval. After the development of a new Purusaqua product it is tested under most severe conditions. Only in this way we can guarantee the quality of our products. There for you are sure that you have bought a quality product if you have bought a Purusaqua product. If however something break down we have all parts in stock so your product can be repaired quickly.

In short, Purusaqua is a high quality product manufactured in Holland!