At this page a number of our projects are described. Besides these projects, there are dozens of ozone installations operational in several countries including:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • England
  • Nigeria
  • Spain
  • Lithuania

Completed projects:

Ozone equipment for a research facility
This institute will conduct test with ozone and the influence on different materials. Tol Watertechniek has delivered all necessary ozone equipment such as:

  • Ozone generator with adjustable yield
  • Ozone destruct unit
  • Ozone analyser
  • Ozone detector
  • Gas dryers and filter
  • Dew point sensor
  • Fittings and appendages

Ozon analyserOzon ruimte detectie

Membraan drogerFilters


Measuring system for measuring water quality in-situ
This system is build by us as a customer specific system. It consists out of electrodes, amplifiers and a display unit. All parameters are have a 2 point calibration. The system can measure: temperature, pH, ORP, (calculates rH), conductivity, Nh3 (calculates Nh4), No2, No3 and dissolved oxygen. This system can be controlled by a Smartphone and tablet as well.

Some key facts

  • Amplifier and display unit can be placed up to 100m from each other
  • 2 point calibration for all parameters
  • Extensive control and alarms

Meetsysteem waterkwaliteitMeetsysteem waterkwaliteit

Meetsysteem waterkwaliteit


Double glass ozone generator for pure ozone

This ozone generator is used for the disinfection of critical surfaces, pure ozone is therefore of great importance. By the use of a double glazing ozoncel produces very pure ozone gas from the ozone generator is oxygen. Especially in the medical and semiconductor industry, it is very important that the ozone gas is very clean.

Some important specifications:
Produces high purity ozone
Uses a double glazed ozone cell
Maximum ozone concentration of 70 g / Nm ³
• 22 Grams ozone @ 7,5 L / min oxygen

dubbel glas ozon generator voor zuiver ozon










Water disinfection system for a global brewer
This ozone system can achieve an ozone concentration of 2mg / l in water at a water flow of 7m³ . This installation is used to disinfect rinse water for a bottle washing machine in order to reduce the water consumption.

The system is provided with:
Ozone Generator and Oxygen Concentrator
Injector and reactor
Control cabinet
Dissolved ozone measurement
Orp Measurement
Various protections


Turn-key ozonsysteem (compleet)










Complete filterput for a community pool of 300

This is a complete filter system built into a concrete cellar. This basement is placed completely below ground level (and below the water level). The filter rinses automatically.

Filter consists out of:
2x Turbo Vortex (automatic rinsing)
8 x 75 watt UV lamp, expandable to 12 pieces
2x pump
Control system for the entire system

Complete filterput (vortex)Complete filterput (besturingskast)

Complete filterput (UV)










Complete filter system build togetherwith The Rising Sun Koi
Tol Watertechniek and The Rising Sun Koi has together has built the entire filter system for the show ponds of The Rising Sun Koi . The entire system is built in an isolated sea container.

Filter consists out of:
2x Beadfilter
3x Ultrasieve
Various UV lamps
Various water and air pumps
Gas-fired heating
The entire electrical installation (also equipped with emergency backup generator!)

The pictures below show the current situation, the trickle filter (gray towers) have been installed later.

DFilter container (systeem vijver)Filter container (systeem verkoop)