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Ozone analysers / meters (ozone concentration)

Ozone analyzers are being used to measure the produced ozone concentration of an ozone generator. With the use of an ozone analyzer it is possible to determine the exact yield of an ozone generator. But in that case you also should be able to accurately measure the massflow of the feeding gas. Tol Watertechniek sells two different ranges of ozone analyzers.

An ozone analyzer is a complex device, we strongly advice you to contact us for advice before and ozone analyzer is bought. Selecting the right ozone analyzer can be difficlut and we are willing to assist.

106 Serie ozone analysers
The 106 series ozone analysers is mainly used for research institutes and university’s. This ozone analysers are the budget models meant to occasionally measure ozone concentrations. For demanding applications these analysers are not the right choice. These analysers also are very sensitive for user errors such as applying too high ozone concentrations, moist feeding gas, etc.

964 (BT) Serie ozone analysers
For demanding applications we advice to use the 964 (BT) ozone analysers. These analysers are the most accurate currently on the market. These analysers also are very robust and reliable and hardly need maintenance. We use several of these instruments to our full satisfaction.






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