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Ozone pool

zwembad met ozonTraditional swimming pools use chlorine to keep the water healthy and bright. The use of chlorine has several disadvantages including the possibility of eye and respiratory irritations. Also the dose should be monitored carefully.

A public swimming pool may never be treated without chlorine disinfection, according to the law there always must be a minimum amount of free chlorine in the water. The use of ozone can reduce the required amount of chlorine significantly which will reduce the risk of the above symptoms. The use of ozone has another advantage, ozone enhances the effects of chlorine, this helps to reduce the chlorine consumption.

Just as with the use of chlorine, ozone must be used with care as well. For example, free ozone in the pool water must be avoided at all times. This is done by using good ozone reactors, residual ozone destroyers and detection equipment. Tol Watertechniek provides ozone systems to treat swimming pool water, of course we can also advise you in the use of ozone.