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Rent a food grade ozone system

We rent standard ozone systems but we also have a food grade ozone system for rent. All wetted parts are made out of stainless steel and food grade tubing. This system can achieve ozone concentrations of over 2PPM. The system is equiped with a variable speed pump with a maximum flow of 2.5m³/hr. This system is perfectly suited for the food and beverage industry but also for chemical industry because the used materials have a high chemical resistance.

This ozone system has the following specifications:

  • Maximum flowt: 2.5m³/hr
  • Maximum ozone dose: as requested
  • Maximum ozone concentration: > 2 PPM (dissolved ozone) (ORPvalues of 800mV and higher are possible)
  • Maximum oxygen flow: 5 l/min
  • Turn-key system equiped with ORP controller, ozone leakage detection and residual ozone destructor
  • Suited for food and beverage industry and chemical industry

voedeslveilige ozoninstallatie hurenvoedeslveilige ozoninstallatie huren