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On this page you will find several files such as manuals, articles, information about products, etcetera. These files can be downloaded, provided you have a program that can open pdf files. Are you looking for certain information that is not on this page? Don’t hesitate to send us an email, we will happily provide you with all the information you need.


Ozon zo zit dat dus (published in Koi Wijzer dec. 2011): Ozon zo zit dat dus ( Caution, this file is 9 Mb!)

Ozon zo zit dat dus as plain text: Ozon zo zit dat dus als tekst

De beginselen van ozon voor vijvers (published in the free e-magazine nr41 of Vijvers & koi): De beginselen van ozon



Manual Purusaqua ozone system (Dutch): Handleiding


Product flyers (In Dutch):

Purusaqua: AS serie ozonreactoren

Purusaqua: HD serie ozonreactoren

Purusaqua: Basic serie ozongeneratoren

Triogen: TOG/TAD


Product information sheets:

Triogen: TOG/TAD