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Tol Watertechniek is active in water treatment using ozone but also in the automation of filter systems, both new and existing systems. This may consist of automatically flushing a bead filter but also the control of an entire filter system for fish farm or a zoo is an option. The steps which can be automated are very extensive, for example you can think of:

regelkast– Automatic feeding of fish in which the amount of food may depend on water temperature.
– Automatic flushing beadfilters or multi chamber filters.
– Control of ozone or dosing systems.
– Adjusting the oxygen concentration in the water.

Depending on the wishes of the user, the operating systems features can include the following options:

– Access and control remotely over the Internet or a telephone line.
– Automatic notification via SMS, fax or e-mail in case of failure or exceeded limits.
– Registration of data such as temperatures, pressures, water levels, feed use, etc.
– The graphical display of the entire system including status information and the main parameters.

Ask about the unlimited possibilities.

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